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Facebook & Twitter Refuse To Be Used By Police To Track Protestors [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] — DL Hughley Show – Black America Web

Your browser does not support iframes. Facebook and Twitter took a stand against an app police use to track protestors. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from The D.L. Hughley Show.

via Facebook & Twitter Refuse To Be Used By Police To Track Protestors [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] — DL Hughley Show – Black America Web


Supreme Court Ruling Prevents Police From Searching Cell Phones During Arrest

CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A landmark Supreme Court ruling on cell phones and privacy. The nation’s highest court says police cannot search a person’s phone during an arrest.

It’s comforting news to many Marylanders who keep a slew of personal information on their smart phones.

Christie Ileto has more.

What this means is that police now need a search warrant to go through your phone. They can’t go fishing through the device because you’re in their custody.

It’s not just a cell phone: “It’s the doorway to my banking, my employer,” said Jules Ung.

And it’s staying that way. The nation’s highest court has banned warrantless searches of a suspect’s cell phone.

“What I think is most significant about today’s decision is the recognition that cell phones are different,” said David Rocha, ACLU of Maryland.

From banking apps to personal emails, cell phones aren’t just like a purse or wallet. For…

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Police Forced To Give Stripper One Million Dollars

The Urban Daily

Split Screen Of A Cop And Stripper


After reading this story, you will believe some things definitely aren’t what they look like. Police were recently ordered by a Nebraska judge to return a million dollars plus back to a stripper after they confiscated the money, assuming it was related to some drug ring.

33-year-old stripper Tara Mishra began twirling on the pole at the age of 18. She saved all of her money with the goal of starting her own business and leaving the strip club altogether. After dropping like it was hot for more than a decade, Mishra saved a little more than a million dollars for her business she planned to open with friends.

Tara Mishra was going into business with Rajesh and Marina Dheri. They met with Tara in Nebraska where she gave the couple the million dollars so they could open up a nightclub. As the Dheris were driving from Nebraska…

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