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Oh-oh, another pimp in the pulpit

Pastor Gary Elg Caught in Prostitution Sting Apologizes to Congregation

Picture: citypages.com

According to the Church Scandal Report, on July 24th, Pastor Gary Elg was arrested for trying to solicit a prostitution as it turns out was an undercover police officer participating in a sting. It was reported that he  offered an apology to the congregation at the time of his resignation from Red Wing’s First Presbyterian Church where he was pastor for 23 years.

“I have failed you as a pastor and a friend. I have crossed some serious ethical and moral boundaries.”

“I apologize for my inappropriate behavior that has led to [my resignation],” he continued. “I will be seeking therapy and healing for my life and for the good of my family.”

He’s scheduled to appear in Ramsey County court next month on Sept. 10th.