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How Our Theology Keeps Us Racist — WIT

How could it be possible for a group of Christians to think twice about collectively condemning white supremacy? Many were asking this question last month as we watched the drama of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention unfold in Phoenix, AZ. A number of interesting things occurred at the meeting, including the reaffirmation […]

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Who is this woman?

Source: Google / Getty I’ll admit that at first I was fascinated, appalled, curious, infuriated, and challenged when Rachel Dolezal’s story emerged in 2015. Her claims of being ‘transracial’ along with her adamant claim of Blackness added an avalanche of questions to preexisting dialogues on race, culture, and transgender discussions. And it seemed like because…

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RACISM IN INDIANA! Noose Given To Marion Firefighter On Job! Wife Related To Last Black Lynched In Indiana

AM 1310: The Light

Mikal Neal, Marion Ind Firefighter Marion Indiana Firefighter Mikal Neal / Submitted by Neal

Noose Source: Peter Dazeley / Getty

While the nation and the world is looking at Indiana and wondering if discrimination exists, here’s a disturbing story of workplace racial bias and harassment involving a first responder – a firefighter.  Mikal Neal is a Marion Indiana firefighter; a community 81 miles from downtown Indianapolis off I-69 in Grant County.  In February Neal and his fellow firefighters were receiving training from Marion Fire Department Assistant Chief Rick Backs on how to properly tie knots in ropes. When Chief Backs came to Neal, instead of showing him a knot, he showed him a noose.  Not only was this a racial insult in the workplace, it had a more emotional and personal connection.  That’s because Mikal Neal’s wife, Rachel Fears-Neal, is related to Abram Smith, who with another Black man were lynched in Marion in 1930. The…

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‘Lynch ‘Em!’ 3 Students Expelled From Bucknell University For Racist Radio Broadcast



Bucknell University Students Expelled Over Racist Remarks

Three Pennsylvania college students were expelled from school after they made disgustingly racist remarks including “lynch ’em” and “black people should be dead” over a radio broadcast.

The Huffington Post reports:

A private Pennsylvania college expelled three students over a campus radio broadcast in which they made racist comments and used a slur.

Bucknell University president John Bravman met with about 1,000 students and staff about the matter on Tuesday, a day after sending a late-night email revealing the expulsions.

“Their conduct is an affront to our values, damaging to our community and in clear violation of our community standards,” he wrote to students, faculty and staff on Monday.

Bravman did not identify the students but shared their comments from a March 20 WVBU-FM broadcast in “the interest of transparency and candor.”

He said one of the students used the N-word, a second…

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Connecticut College Of New London Cancels Classes After “No N*****s” Graffiti Discovered


Connecticut College Of New London No N-words allowed

Racist Graffiti At Connecticut College Leads To Cancelled Classes And Investigation

Racism never takes a day off…

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Classes at Connecticut College in New London were cancelled on Monday so students could gather to address recent incidents of racism on campus.

WVIT reported that the college’s Campus Safety was notified on Sunday that racist graffiti had been found on the first floor of the Crozier-Williams building.

Photos of the graffiti obtained by WVIT showed the words “no” and the plural form of the n-word scrawled on a bathroom wall.

“Given the egregious nature of the graffiti, we are enlisting the campus community to help us to identify those responsible,” Dean of Student Life Victor Arcelus and Director of Campus Safety Stewart Smith wrote in a letter to students on Sunday.

The incident comes as students were dealing with another recent racial controversy.

Earlier this month, Connecticut College Professor Andrew…

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Former University Of Oklahoma Frat Member Speaks Out After Leading Racist Chant

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A former member of a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma is finally speaking out, and issuing an apology, after he was caught leading the racist chant that led to the closing of the SAE chapter.

Levi Pettit gave a public apology at a press conference, where he stood before several black Oklahoma City community leaders, which included pastors and civil rights activists.

He said in his statement:

“Some have wondered why I hadn’t spoken out publicly. The truth is I have had a mix of pain, shame, sorrow and fear over the consequences of my actions,” said Pettit, whose voice quivered slightly as he spoke. “I did not want to apologize to the press or to the whole country until I first came to apologize to those most directly impacted.”

Pettit did not state where he learned the chant, but did explain further in his statement:

“The truth is…

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