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Hecklers Shout ‘We Believe the Women’ at Bill Cosby Show


About 30 protesters disrupted Bill Cosby’s show in Ontario Friday night, chanting, “We believe the women,” in reference to the multiple sexual assault allegations against the comedian.

Cosby had been onstage in Hamilton, Ontario for about five minutes when around 30 women rose from their seats and took off their coats to reveal white T-shirts that said “we believe the women.” Some blew whistles and shouted at the comedian. Cosby urged security not to arrest the protesters, saying, “Stop, let them have their say,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Supporters of the comedian responded with shouts of “we believe the men” and “we love you Bill.” The show continued after the demonstration and Cosby received a standing ovation from the remaining audience members.

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More than 15 women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault. The 77-year…

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Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Claims CNN Is Trying to Destroy His Client

Black America Web

Bill Cosby‘s lawyer Marty Singer is not happy with CNN about their unethical and malicious, tactical coverage against his client, and he wants it to end, according to TMZ.

Singer wrote a letter to the news organization’s President Jeff Zucker — citing that his reporters are out to get Cosby by doing a special with former supermodel Beverly Johnson.

Recently, Johnson came forth and said Cosby drugged her in the mid-1980s in his NYC home. But Singer told CNN to get in contact with her boyfriend of four years, Mark Burk, who is telling a different story.

Singer claimed Burk said, “[Johnson] never said a negative statement about Bill Cosby throughout their entire four year relationship.”

Singer added, “Burk told CNN that to the contrary, Ms. Johnson stated that she was an admirer of Bill Cosby and only said great things about Mr. Cosby.”

Nevertheless, Singer claimed CNN is…

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Spelman College Still Supports Bill Cosby?

Atlanta Daily World

bill cosbys spelman

One entertainment publication went on record to say Spelman College still supports comedic legend Bill Cosby, while another more respected news outlet stated that the Atlanta-based all-female college is unsure if the support and partnership with Cosby will continue.

Entertainment blog, TMZ, said the historically black college in Atlanta that Bill Cosby gave $20 million may have is still standing behind the creator of “The Cosby Show.”

However, the The Washington Post reported that “the president’s office would not say whether the endowed professorship named for Cosby and his wife would continue..”

The quote from Aku Kadogo, the Cosby Endowed Professor in the Arts at Spelman, was ambiguous at best:

“I’m not worried about being the Cosby chair. It’s not a worry to me. It’s a difficult time for him. But it ain’t the end of the world. If Hillary can run for president — she went…

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TV Land Cancels ‘Cosby Show’ Marathons As Rape Allegations Continue To Surface

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Bill Cosby?s refusal to address over one dozen rape allegations levied against him is finally hitting him where it hurts?in the pocket.


#CosbyMeme: Bill Cosby’s Twitter Hashtag Goes Horribly Wrong

Comedian Hannibal Buress: Bill Cosby Is A Rapist

TV Land has cancelled several ?Cosby? marathons which were set to air between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The beloved series followed the ?Huxtables? for eight years, finishing its run in 1992.Finishing its eight-year run in 1992, ?Cosby? has lived on in the hearts of many through syndication, but as the accusations continue to fly in, that may all change.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Netflix has pulled the plug on a comedy special starring America?s Dad. NBC followed suit, cancelling plans for a new sitcom that would have found Cosby re-inhabiting the role of beloved family patriarch.

Cosby has consistently refused to speak on the allegations, shaking his head ?no? when NPR?s Scott Simon…

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