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Reality Show Dance Coach Locked Up For Exposing Minor To HIV — 92 Q

John Conner, a Memphis dance coach who appears on Lifetime’s reality show ‘Bring It’ has been locked up and charged with having sex with one of his minor students and exposing him to HIV. According to the affidavit, John Conner III and the victim met on a social site and hook up and had unprotected…

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Meet The Tankards [VIDEO]


Thicker Than Water” documents the couple, their three daughters, one son (and his wife) and one granddaughter, who all live in the Nashville suburbs in what they un-self-consciously call the Tankard Palace. In addition to sermonizing, Ben is a popular musician making chirpy, inconsequential, gospel-inflected instrumental jazz. Permanently avuncular, he has the air of a man who has awakened in an amusement park and then mischievously swallowed the keys, lest anyone try to expel him.

“Thicker” is in the Brady/Cleaver-clean mold of “Run’s House,” which ran for six seasons of musician-minister millionaire fun on MTV. But Rev Run was modest, and his children were fickle materialists in the making. Here, Ben and Jewel set the tone of enthused wealth, giddily cataloging their possessions. When Jewel asserts, “This black Barbie flies private or she stays home,” it doesn’t sound as if it were the first time she’s…

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