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Jacque Reid Talks To William Brawner About His Secret Womanizing Way While Being HIV Positive

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Jacque Reid talks to William Brawner the creator of ?25 to Life?, a documentary that tells story of man who shocks the community by disclosing his HIV status after womanizing in secrecy for decades.

The Howard University graduate has admitted to sleeping with 15 women over five years.

?I was in a large state of denial at the time. I actually thought I was not positive. I was in such good physical shape so I told myself I was no longer HIV positive,? he says.

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Ladies You Want Your Man Happy All The Time? Follow These Pointers Starting Now

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168831510Men aren’t really that difficult to please.                                                                                    Good food. 

The saying, The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – Is True.

A sense of freedom.  Men do not like being tied down and don’t like the feeling of being under constant guard.

The remote control. Yes we love to flip channels.  

Men value time that they spend on their own.  It does not mean we want to be away from you.  But just working in the garage – the yard – etc.

Good sex. Remember men think about sex all day everyday.
The chase.

Ego-boost. Be his number one fan. Make him feel like…

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