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Houston Teen Refuses To Be Shamed After Her Rape Goes Viral On Social Media



A Houston teen is claiming that she had no clue she was raped at a party until pictures of the assault began popping up on Instagram.

Jada recalls being invited to a house party, and she ultimately decided to attend because her friend knew the host. During the bash, the 16-year-old girl claims that she was given a drink that caused her to pass out. She doesn’t remember much after that.

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It wasn’t until pictures of her wound up online that she pieced together what may have happened. In the first shot, she was lying unconscious on a bed with all of her clothes on. Horrifyingly, she was passed out naked on the floor in the next picture. From these images, Jada believes that she was raped.

At first, kids were sharing the pictures…

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Gospel Star’s Ex-Wife Takes To Social Media To Call Husband Out

AM 1310: The Light

wessMorganHeadShotWes Morgan of ?He Paid It All? fame, and ex-wife  Betsy Morgan will not be best friends in life.  Wes has had a life filled with struggle. Wess Morgan grew up a preacher?s kid but took a wrong road.

He tells people, ?I lived in a healthy environment. I had a true example of Godly people. I had a loving mother and father, but I still got off track ? I got sideswiped.?

Well this week, there was a bit of  a social media fender bender when, Dove Award Winning Gospel Music Artist and Pastor, Wes Morgan confirmed he married his second wife in January of this year via social media. The singer  married Danielle Walker and is expecting their  child.

This all sounds normal. Right?

Wes posted the following to his Instagram

wes Morgan

That seems simple enough. Right? Well, nope not nearly as simple.

His  ex wife responded by saying:

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‘Vine’ One Of 2013’s Biggest Social Media Success Stories

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — A big success story of 2013 is Vine.

Tens of millions of users have created six second videos for the world to see on this social media site.

Eli Vazquez is a film major, but he’s producing a lot of these short videos these days.

[worldnow id=9666566 width=385 height=288 type=video]

“If you look up Eli V, you’re going to find everything else under the sun, and Vine is one of the ways to grab that person’s attention,” said Vazquez.

Vine is an app that allows a user to create these super short videos about mundane events and then upload them on their page.

It can six seconds of your dog watching you shave that can create a buzz.

“Not a whole lot of thinking goes into it,” admitted Vazquez.

Now major concerns like Dunkin’ Donuts and Urban Outfitters are using Vine to market themselves.

Still, the main…

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