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Could Whoopie Be Leaving The View? — 92 Q

Word is this will probably be Whoopie Goldberg’s last season on the The View. Whoopie talked to Wendy Williams about this being her last year on The View… “No, probably not. I have to do it, baby, because I have to go and grow. I got stuff to do, I got movies I need to…

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Raven-Symoné Defends Remarks She Made On ‘The View’


Raven Symone Source: Gabriel Olsen / Getty

Raven-Symone doesn’t see anything wrong with what she said on “The View” this week, and she’s not backing down from her remarks.

The “Empire” star came under fire this week when she defended a former Univision personality that said Michelle Obama looks like she could have been cast in “Planet of the Apes.” Picking up on the obvious offensiveness in that remark, Rosie Perez took the opportunity to explain to America that many Latinos have a problem with racism.

That’s when Raven cut into the conversation to question whether the now-fired host’s words were said in a racist manner (they were) while justifying his criticism of our first lady by stating that some people do look like animals. Needless to say she got dragged for the remark, but she hit Twitter to stand by her assessment that the TV personality wasn’t being racist.


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‘The View’ To Be Axe, Reason May Surprise You

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‘The View’ is reportedly about to be on the chopping block. According to sources, the long running show was due to be axe for a long time due to the continuous problems between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell. You can tell the lack of camaraderie the two co-host translate on screen its no secret they’re not the best of friends. The View has tried to balance things out by bringing in new hosts to change up the dynamic, not seems to overshadow the issues with Goldberg and O’Donnell. While heated debates usually make for great television, but the opposition between the two women is reportdly’ insufferable to audiences all across the country.

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No, Whoopi Goldberg: We Can’t “Forget The Color” When It Comes To Injustice

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Whoopie Goldberg

As far as “post-racial” and “New Black” famous Negroes go, Whoopi Goldberg is a pioneer. When she discusses race, it’s enough to make your average Black person living in America shout, “What in the hell is she talking about?”

This week on The View, Whoopi gave more informed viewers a head-scratching, eye-roll inducing comment about the role racism plays in our justice system. While discussing whether or not Darren Wilson will be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown, The View co-host Rosie O’Donnelldeclared: “I’m sick of it. Black boys are like the endangered species in America. They’re killed at an absurd rate and nobody seems to care enough.”

To which Whoopi replied: “A lot of people care. What has to happen is, we need to remind everybody: ‘These are your sons. Forget the color. Because it could be you tomorrow. Injustice doesn’t care what color you are.’”

To “forget…

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Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Down Over Mike Nichols’ Death On ‘The View’

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whoopi-goldberg-mike-nicholsWhoopi Goldberg found it extremely difficult to get through ?The View? this morning as she talked about her longtime friend and colleague Mike Nichols? passing. Co-host Rosie O? Donnell stepped in to console Whoopi, who fought back tears, while ?View? newcomer Nicolle Wallace chimed in to finish the segment.

?This man meant the world to her,? Wallace said. Nichols died from a heart attack, yesterday. Nichols is credited with launching Whoopi?s career.

Some of Nichols? works include: ?The Graduate,? ?Working Girl,? ?Who?s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,? ?Closer,? ?Charlie Wilson?s War,? ?Annie,? ?Spamalot? and ?The Birdcage.?

He was 83-years-old.

Watch the incredibly touching video, below:

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