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#TheBijouStarFiles: Is Toya Wright A New ATL Housewife?!

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In the past Toya has dissed the ATL Housewives but now that she’s been off the reality show circuit for a while rumor has it that she may be the latest addition to the show.

According to MTO:

Atlanta Housewife Cynthia’s Peter celebrated his 53rd birthday in Atlanta. Tons of folk came out . . . and so did the Bravo TV crew. But get this . . . in addition to taping Phaedra, Kandi and Cynthia . . . the cameras also focused on Toya Wright and Marlo Hampton.

It almost kinda sorta looked like they were cast members too. We heard rumors that Bravo was lookign to GET RID of the new woman they cast . . . and replae her.

But could Bravo be hiring Marlo and Toya .. . or is only ONE CHICK getting cast??

Hmmm what do you think? Would Marlo or Toya be…

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Toya Wright Slams K. Michelle As Irrelevant

The Urban Daily

The back and forth between K. Michelle and Toya Wright probably won’t be letting it up. Toya gave an interview to “Talking With Tammy” and in it she noted that while K. Michelle is “irrelevant to her” she felt compelled to speak out once again after the singer’s interview on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.”

Toya said:

She [K. Michelle ] went on “The Breakfast Club” radio show running her mouth and talking about me and my husband! I want her to keep my name out of her mouth! Hell a lot of people abused her! Where is the proof that my husband beat on her? Where [are] the police reports that my husband threatened her son? I need some proof! If anyone knows my husband they have nice things to say about him — even his ex-girlfriends never came forward to say he was abusive!

Toya also acknowledged that

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