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President Obama Is The Butt Of His Own Jokes In New Video! [WATCH]

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This is one of the coolest ways to get the youth’s attention about healthcare! A lot of us are guilty of not handling our business when it comes to some of the most important things in life. Watch President Obama’s funny new video below and sign up for healthcare cause the deadline’s tomorrow (Feb 15, 2015)!

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Blind Date With A Stunt Driver: Hilarious Video!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you’re going solo today…you’ll appreciate the above video.

I admit…it’s a “hidden camera” set-up to sell Ford Mustangs.

But it’s a DANG funny “hidden camera” set-up to sell Ford Mustangs.

The premise is simple: a guy goes on a blind date with a pretty girl…and she takes him on a drive (claiming she’s not very good at driving a manual transmission).  Little do they know, the girl’s a stunt driver.

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Photography 101

Here is a video that I have found to be very informative as well as entertaining. If you are anything like me, I just love to dab into anything artsy and creative. In my past life I have always used whatever camera was available to point and shoot. Now that I have taken an interest in film, I have discovered the DSLR. While in class I was feeling a little squirmish when my instructor spoke about aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, shallow depth of field and ISO. I don’t know which is most intimidating all the information on the display or trying to understand all the features to take good pictures. How in the world do people remember all that stuff especially when you have to remember high numbers mean low light and vice versa. However, here is a video that will show you what all that details. Hope you enjoy. These cameras cost too much not to know how to operate them.

The Wu-Tang Clan Releases New Video Supporting Recent Protests

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The Wu-Tang Clan has been another group of artists in the music world to take a stance against the recent police shootings. Recently, the legendary rap collective released a new set of visuals for their album-titled single, “A Better Tomorrow.” The highly anticipated album was released last week, with their first official video circulating around national peaceful protests over the failed indicts of officers from both Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, and the continued number of police shootings over the past week. The Wu released their video with this message in their description box:

“This visual was created by Wu-Tang Clan in the hopes of inspiring change and promoting unity throughout the world. “

Check out the video below, and share us your thoughts on the video, Wu-Tang’s new album, or the protests.

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Maid Of Honor Raps Wedding Toast [VIDEO]

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Could this be the best wedding toast ever? The maid of honor decided to not sing, but to write her own rap to the happy new couple to the tune of Eminem’s “Without Me!”

From Youtube:

Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever.

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New Music from Ashanti ft. Future “I Got It” [LISTEN HERE]

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Man Future has worked with errrrbody!!! I Got Itis off of DJ Ty Boogie’s mixtape STR8 RNB, Part 6.  Ashanti’s new album Braveheart is due out this month.

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