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Authorities Release Footage Of Sandra Bland In Jail To Address Rumors About Her Death


ABC US News | World News

Sandra Bland’s mugshot photo has been the subject of a lot of theory and speculation online. Many people thought it was shady that she was processed in her orange jumpsuit, citing that people usually get processed before changing into the jumpsuit. The other extremely popular theory was that Bland was already dead in the picture.

As result of that latter rumor, Waller County Judge Carbett Duhon released new footage of Bland in the county jail, where she remained for three days until her death. Someone is talking over the footage, explaining everything that Bland was doing from talking to officers, facing a magistrate judge, sleeping in a holding cell and making phone calls.

An autopsy released indicated that Bland committed suicide and didn’t show any signs of a struggle that would be associated with murder. However, her family has called for a Department of…

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President Obama Is The Butt Of His Own Jokes In New Video! [WATCH]

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This is one of the coolest ways to get the youth’s attention about healthcare! A lot of us are guilty of not handling our business when it comes to some of the most important things in life. Watch President Obama’s funny new video below and sign up for healthcare cause the deadline’s tomorrow (Feb 15, 2015)!

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Photography 101

Here is a video that I have found to be very informative as well as entertaining. If you are anything like me, I just love to dab into anything artsy and creative. In my past life I have always used whatever camera was available to point and shoot. Now that I have taken an interest in film, I have discovered the DSLR. While in class I was feeling a little squirmish when my instructor spoke about aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, shallow depth of field and ISO. I don’t know which is most intimidating all the information on the display or trying to understand all the features to take good pictures. How in the world do people remember all that stuff especially when you have to remember high numbers mean low light and vice versa. However, here is a video that will show you what all that details. Hope you enjoy. These cameras cost too much not to know how to operate them.